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Final Issue of "Netcarity News" has been released

Reflections on success

This is the final edition of Netcarity News and we can look back at more than four years of challenges and innovation in ambient assisted living. We are also looking towards a future for which we believe we are now better prepared.

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Netcarity started out in 2007 to support older people living alone at home by using innovative technology and systems to provide security, wellbeing, independence and confidence. We wanted to understand people’s relationship with technology and how it supports successful ageing by offering new ways to make our homes and lives more comfortable and productive.

I believe we have achieved that and we have learnt a great deal more than we expected to. We have a very good understanding now that AAL is not just for older people – it is something to be embraced by everybody from carers to policy makers and people of all ages. We have boldly addressed the challenge of commercializing research and turning concepts and ideas into practical solutions for the real world. Netcarity spent a lot of time developing a practical philosophy around design based on the needs of users, and we learnt that sometimes the simple solutions are the best.

We came to understand that the concerns of older people are no different from the rest of society. They want technology to provide services without intruding on their lives.
We recently put into effect our recognition that international collaboration was the obvious way to best deliver AAL. For this reason we applied for and were granted funds for road mapping potential AAL research topics with Korean partners in the very exciting new Koranet consortium called PleasureHome. This enables us to blend cost-effective technology research and the delivery capability of the consumer electronics industry with the advanced AAL policy and needs analysis which has developed in Europe. In June 2011 we hosted a consultation workshop in Brussels with senior European officials and Korean partners, and Netcarity consortium members attended a similar event in the Korean parliament.
These are all issues and developments which we report on in this final edition of Netcarity News.

I would like to thank all of our partners as well as the hundreds of other people in Europe and internationally, who have contributed to our success as the Netcarity consortium.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to Rebecca Simpson, who lost her battle with cancer in 2010. She was one of the best thinkers in the AAL industry and an inspiration. Rebecca is missed greatly by us all. We believe we have taken significant strides in both research and our understanding of how to deliver AAL. Netcarity may be coming to an end, but the challenge of an ageing population remains with us and we look forward to participating in new initiatives which will help to address that challenge.

Thank you and good bye.

Udo Weimar
Editor in Chief Netcarity News