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The situation in Europe

As the European population ages, support is required for an increasing number of older people.

Governments want to use technology to help them make a positive contribution to society and live full lives.

Advances in sensing, networking and audiovisual communication are enabling technology to:

What is Netcarity?

Netcarity is a four year, €13 million European project researching and testing technologies which will help older people improve their:

Netcarity is investigating how new and existing technologies can be integrated into people’s homes, making them feel more comfortable about remaining in this familiar environment.

Together, these technologies will:

Netcarity’s vision

Netcarity will encourage older people to live independently and inspire them to be more socially active.

Netcarity’s goal is to turn older peoples’ homes into supportive environments which include them in society and postpone or avoid the expensive and traumatic move into care homes.

Netcarity sees a future where homes retain their conventional look and feel but seamlessly incorporate many technologies, working behind the scenes to provide non-intrusive support.

The Netcarity system

One proposal is that each home will have a carefully-designed piece of electronic furniture which controls and integrates data from devices in rooms around the house. The box will coordinate services and information coming into the home, and distribute data to family members, carers and local authorities including:

The system could:

Making it work

Netcarity is not developing theories. The Netcarity system will be tested in new and existing homes in:

Residents will help to design systems, and then evaluate them during the largest test of its kind.

This will give the Netcarity team: