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Netcarity for protection

Making older people feel safe at home


Netcarity can help respond to dangerous situations in the home. If someone falls getting out of the bath, they may not be able to raise the alarm and seek help. Pressure sensors in the floor or a smart camera in the ceiling could recognise the situation and automatically advise people the user has chosen as primary contacts. Netcarity can also alert caregivers if user activity is not detected over a period of time, enabling the user’s wellbeing to be discreetly monitored.

Sample technology

A smart positioning device will be developed to identify users in their home. This includes location and physical position - whether they are standing, sitting, lying on the floor or bending over. By knowing someone’s location and position, the device can make intelligent decisions about their activities and well-being. It could act as a fall detector, particularly in the bathroom where many users may not wear emergency pendants. It could allow family members or doctors to see how active someone is, especially if they have a chronic condition or are required to exercise regularly, such as after suffering a stroke.

Who benefits?

  • Users feel safe and secure knowing that their wellbeing is supported by the technology in their home
  • Family and friends are similarly reassured about the safety of loved ones
  • Caregivers are able to discreetly monitor users without the need for unnecessary intrusion

Caregivers, doctors and other supporting staff are able to proactively ensure ongoing safety and protection of older people through a range of new interfaces with the home technology infrastructure.