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Q&A with Luciano Malfer

(March 2009) Luciano Malfer heads the social policy division in Italy’s Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT). Also known as Trentino, the province raises its own tax. It is responsible for many government services including:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Welfare

He spoke to Netcarity News about how Netcarity’s philosophy is compatible with Trentino’s funding and delivery of services.


What motivated PAT to get involved with Netcarity?

The Social Policy Division of PAT is a strategic partner in Netcarity alongside other provincial departments and the Bruno Kessler Foundation. Our involvement in Netcarity allows us to test activities that meet welfare guidelines. These include services for older people that take advantage of opportunities in technology and telematics.

What other benefits does Netcarity bring to the province?

Netcarity helps to demonstrate that social policies can contribute to economic development. This principle is now included in a provincial law. Netcarity demonstrates how new services in homes can create important business opportunities.

How do you see the Netcarity project developing?

Netcarity represents an important opportunity to strengthen relationships in the province between:

  • Public institutions
  • Research centres
  • Businesses